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You want to improve your sales and service processes? You are looking for a dependable, solutions-oriented partner with years of experience? If so, we are very pleased that you have found our website! Please browse through the site and learn more about us and our portfolio.

    Field force (sales)

    Account executives have to manage a multitude of tasks:
    Making appointments, driving there, meeting with customers, processing orders, reports and data transfer… the list goes on. Sometimes it seems like there is never enough time. Our mobile CRM and order entry solution DeDeSales now enables you to streamline your communications, to link field and inside sales/service more effectively, which will ultimately save you a significant amount of time. This paperless all-in-one software solution will help make your in-house data and information sharing applications expeditious and uncomplicated – online as well as offline. Hence, we bring your teams closer together, regardless of where your employees are located.

    Field force (service)

    Transparent processes and structures, digital recording of all work hours and consumed materials directly on location plus access to important customer data paired with constant availability – DeDeService ensures you stay in control.Our software solution for mobile time tracking and effective data management turns long customer service response times as well as time consuming data entry/processing work into problems of the past allowing you to once again focus on your customers.

    One essential factor in the optimisation of your in-house processes and planning is being able to always have an eye on your fleet and its movements. DeDeFleet supports this process by evaluating and analysing all vehicle data for your entire car and lorry fleet. Choose the version that is most compatible with your operation - ECO, BASIC or PRO so that you can plan your tours efficiently, track route sections, driving times and fuel expenses. You will also be in constant contact with your drivers through mobile devices while a comprehensive reporting system will always keep you on the safe side.

    DeDeFleet – Telematik-Lösung für Echtzeitortung von Baugeräten und Baufahrzeugen, Fahrzeugüberwachung, Flottenmanagement und mehr.

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