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Mobile project and time tracking service solution

Your employees spend a lot of time every month tracking time and orders manually using the conventional method, which translates into a lot of cash for you. The complicated documentation of performance records, errors resulting from incorrect EDP entries based on handwritten records and the slow flow of information between different departments are just three examples that prevent your employees from working in a more effective and customer-oriented manner. DeDeService will make all of these time consuming administrative tasks redundant and allow you to offer the kind of support that is worth being called customer service!

Martin Craul ist Ihr Ansprechpartner für DeDeService. Sie erreichen Ihn am Standort Northeim.

Your contact for DeDeService:

Martin Craul
Phone: +49 (0)5551-91405-55
E-Mail: m.craul(at)dedenet.de

    Time is one of your company’s most valuable resources. However, especially mobile employees frequently only have limited time available for their actual work because they are required to handle time consuming administrative work.
    Frequently, these assignments are not handled until the end of the day or even workweek – based on what the employees remember. The consequences: time and material discrepancies, inaccurate work and customer reports.
    DeDeService offers a mobile time tracking tool that allows users to enter time, customer and project data quickly, with ease and right on location, from where it is sent directly to company headquarters in real time. Employees no longer have to be tasked with the inefficient manual completion and processing of documents.


    Do long response times of field staff and complex data entry and processing steps keep your exacting service standards in the wishful thinking phase? This does happen frequently. Dependable, expeditious customer service is indeed a critical competitive advantage for your business.
    DeDeService will help you attain the quality parameters that you and your customers covet: constant availability, up-to-date customer data in real time and effective tour planning. They will take you to your customers faster and will elevate your customer service quality to a whole new level.

    Efficient time and cost management play increasingly important roles in companies who want to retain their competitive edge. DeDeService is a software solution that will enable you to identify and unfetter potential in your business that you did not use in the past. Hence, DeDeService also offers helpful tools for decision-makers and executives that allow them to analyse as well as optimise the effectiveness of projects and employee workloads.

    • Transparent service invoicing for customers and more expeditious billing processes
    • Less complex payroll administration and streamlined overtime management
    • Cost efficient project management based on cost information per work order
    • Capacity utilisation overview
    • Optimised project planning thanks to analysis and evaluation functions
    • Retroactive data processing