• With DeDeTR you learn everything about telecommunications in your company. With DeDeTR you learn everything about telecommunications in your company.

    DeDeTR –
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DeDeTR – the 360° view of your telecommunications

Contract management at a click

Your staff, especially those in the sales force, are mobile, your back office can be reached via the land line – and new numbers are being added every day? With the help of DeDeTR’s control, you can keep everything running smoothly. Whether it be land line invoices, mobile bills or contract management with providers such as Telekom Deutschland GmbH: the browser-based software assists you with the import, processing, analysis and central storage of your invoices – digitally, with pinpoint accuracy and in a time-saving manner. 


Making telecommunications quantifiable


Thanks to a central database, exact KPIs and convenient invoice imports, DeDeTR can be used to create useful cost analyses on your individual telecommunications behaviour for accounting and controlling purposes. Clearly set-out reports tell you: 


  Where a cap limit was exceeded.

  Which numbers can be assigned to specific employees.

  Which cost centres use up too many financial resources. 

  Which overspends were caused where – in just four clicks.

Security through digital contract management

No more unclear contract information: DeDeTR is your memory! Mobile phone data such as PIN, PUK, multi-SIM and device details, as well as information on individual contracts, subsidised smartphones or tablet PCs, is stored in the software and can be supplemented with details such as cap limits or contract extensions. This means that invoice data can be automatically assigned to the relevant cost centres and employees.

DeDeTR – telecommunications at a glance


Decisions are best made using reliable figures. As an analysis software, DeDeTR offers various analyses, controlling functions and reports for a comprehensive breakdown of your costs.



Cost centre


Analysis of 
cap limits


Cost development
according to cost type


 Cost centre export
for financial accounting


... and much more!

  • Optimize your company's telecommunications with DeDeTR. Optimize your company's telecommunications with DeDeTR.

    Cost centre
    made easy

This company already has its communication
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Making a successful statement with DeDeTR

How can DeDeTR optimise your company’s telecommunications?


From cost analyses and cost centre evaluations to controlling: get in touch with us and we will be happy to advise you on how the tailored use of DeDeTR can benefit your company.


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